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  • Monument Valley original soundtrack
  • Harry Potter original soundtracks
  • Focus on the Remix spotify playlist
  • Story of a Heart, BAO, instrumentals only
  • study, by Stevie
  • current favourite: Piano, Benny Andersson

recommendations welcome / desperately needed

aug 10 2017 ∞
may 8 2018 +
user picture Olivia: my go-to study or reading music for a while has been Sigur Rós <3 aug 24 2017
user picture honeybee: thanks for the suggestion! I didn't see this, sorry! sep 6 2017
user picture Olivia: also Penguin Cafe Orchestra are very good (forgot about them) oct 2 2017
user picture Jenni: Here are some of my favorites on Spotify! Some I prefer for reading, some for writing, art-making, working on projects, etc: Deep Focus, Acoustic Concentration, Peaceful Piano, Reading Soundtrack, Zen Indie Folk for Focus nov 2 2017
user picture honeybee: Thank you! I know a couple of them but I'll check them all out! nov 10 2017