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monday 2021 (tv shows)
The Girl in t... books (2021 Reading)
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rose monthly (september 21)
  • would have been trialled as a witch in the 17th century
  • almost entirely plant-based
  • falls in love with books, not characters
  • reads while it rains outside
  • descended from vikings, probably
  • mornings are for coffee, afternoons are for tea
  • anxious, obsessive brain
  • heart-shaped sunglasses in three colours
  • dresses and smocks and cosy jumpers
  • reads unrelated non-fiction in times of distress
  • owns an obscene amount of books
  • won a television quiz show once
  • never folds the corner but sometimes writes on the page
jul 27 2021 ∞
aug 27 2021 +