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  • moved into a new flat
  • long distance relationship again
  • lovely Valentine's day (aquarium, Lady Windermere's Fan)
  • saw Reservoir Dogs on the big screen
  • snow, snow, snow
  • visited the British Museum for the first time with T
  • read Other Minds (a random gift from T)
  • went to the Horniman Museum
  • saw a film - Isle of Dogs - at the cinema twice for the first time
  • new Abba songs were announced!
  • my first wedding, realised I really am part of the family
  • had a psychoanalytical evaluation
  • bought a new (second-hand) laptop
  • finished my dissertation
  • read The Travelling Cat Chronicles
  • watched Loving Vincent
  • went to the ABBA exhibit at the Southbank Centre, guide was very appreciative of my nerdiness, got a 20% discount in the gift shop because of my enthusiasm for ABBA
  • saw Mamma Mia! for the second time
  • went to the Tower of London
  • saw Chess, which was amazing
  • moved back home (boyfriend helped)
  • had a lovely couple of days with boyfriend; visited York; celebrated two years
  • appeared on national tv, Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier
  • T. gave me a bee hotel for my birthday!!
  • I got a job at a small fashion retailer, working with an old friend from school
  • I got a 2:1 overall in my degree!
  • I got a Siamese Fighting Fish called Fernando
    • Fernando died due to fin rot, which he contracted in store and I did my best to treat
  • I was gifted a second fish, due to what happened to Fernando. the people at customer service and at the store were lovely and kept using Fernando's name when we talked about him.
  • new fish is named Earl Grey
  • new favourite drink: caramel latte
  • completed my goodreads reading challenge
  • quit my terrible job
  • got two jobs in one day and an audition for The Chase
  • met with a friend from school and we saw Mamma Mia! 2 together
  • started working at the bookshop!
  • served my old history teacher at work, one of my first transactions - slightly terrifying
  • had to get yet another new laptop, but at least it cost me pretty much next to nothing
  • quit my job at the health shop because they wanted me to be there for 5+ years, and I don't want that
  • got an iPhone XS
  • Earl died, inexplicably & I am done with fish, especially fish from pet stores (I took such good care of him)
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user picture Michelle: I'm sorry to hear about Fernando. :-( <3 aug 12 2018
user picture honeybee: thank you - he was a lovely little pet to have <3