• key thing is consistency and planning ➝ try to do something everyday that gets me closer to my goals so i have to plan my days/weeks etc ahead and do it wisely (i know myself and i have to consider procrastination/tik tok scrolling hours when mapping everything out);
  • on the first days of the year map out what i should do weekly in order to achieve my goals in an easy manner (i get anxious easily so i have to do everything in baby steps) and write it down (planner + create the habit trackers);
  • try to create a schedule for the weekdays/weekends and adjust it as time goes so it is as realistic as possible
  • it is impossible to do everything and know there will always be things falling behind/not going as i'd like them to so keep in mind what are my main priorities each year;
  • try to do everything i planned out for each day and if something is left out try to do it first thing the next day;
jan 1 2021 ∞
jan 2 2021 +