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༉‧₊˚✧ ... tell me i'm your baby and that you'll never leave me . . .

lisa FILM (teen club)
cariatide why fall in love when you can fall on the floor and cry over a tv show. (2022)
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iz parallels.
lauren 2022 (albums)
우주소녀 j u n o
Amanda jai
Apartmentcat jam
Aspen jayne.
Bianca jen
Bliss julia
Brie julyana
Bru just a girl
Bárbara jéssica
Candice Austen júlia
Cat k. e. bigelow
E. kaitlin
Edii kaori
Elise kari
EstroJen kath
Fefa katya
Gelly keegs
Han kel
Hekate kellylouise
IBelieveInPen... keyse
J kurispie
Jenni lari
Kate lataefah
Katrina lauren
Kay letícia
Kelsey lia
Kelsey lila
Ketelen lisa
Kiskadee listography
Lari littlewhitehouse
Laurene lois
Luciana lou
Matsu lua f.
Oh! luci
Origan luiza
Rebecca lunna
Rhiannon m.
Ryan maha
Sarah malu
Shannon mapholie
Venisse marah
Vicky marcella
a ~ maria
aivin marido
alice o'bright marruá
ally max
ana maℓia
ana beatriz mei
andie meℓina and th...
anisha mia
anna miana
antoinette michelle
arantxa mila
athena mimi ୨୧
atlas misa
b miya
baba yaga mmurklins
babylove monday
baroqueen moon
beable moonee
becca moute
belle na
berlingotière nai
bia nathália
bianca nessa
bibi nic
birdie nina
bonafini no one
brigtter nyanbot
broccomilie obsolete dingbat
bunny ohdeer
c pam
callie peaches
cariatide petal
carol petra
carolina pinkfleur
caroline priscila
caroline riho
caspian rodi
cee ruptures
celeste s.
ch. s. n.
christina selena
cia shakti
clare shannon
daisy shosanna
damien shug avery
daniela skudge
dayna sms
debs sofia
derura ihi softie
dina sophie
dolores sore
domi speedtrials
elise stardust
elizabeth steph
ella sumire
ella tenneil
elle the queen
elodie tigerhead
emi tori
emily u
emma varya
encre vee
endlessness vetica
eri vi
erika vic
evan vices
evelyn vicky
fallon vickye
fe vitória
felipe vizy
fernanda whit
florrie willow
furiousrose yuu
gigi ℋosho
honeybee えりい
hyena 混沌
immagina 随便
inara 黄冠亨
its ꜱᴀᴡʏᴇʀ
ivyink 알바
iz words
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♡‧₊   currently watching.

  • killing eve ↻
  • wandavision ↻
  • brooklyn nine nine ↻
  • the office ↻
  • schitt's creek ↻
  • parks and recreation ↻
  • friends ↻
  • HIMYM ↻
  • ms marvel (weekly)
  • grey's anatomy (s1)
  • god's favourite idiot (s1)
  • cougar town (s1)
  • dickinson (s1)
  • modern love (s2)
  • sorry for your loss (s1)

♡‧₊   about to start

  • sex and the city
  • the chair
  • help
  • maid
  • ted lasso

♡‧₊   on hold.

  • american horror story
  • modern family ↻
  • according to jim ↻
  • new amsterdam
  • my mad fat diary
  • the good doctor
  • the queen’s gambit
  • only murders in the building
  • atypical

♡‧₊   hiatus.

  • you ♡ ↻
  • american horror stories ♡
  • stranger things
  • kevin can f**k himself
  • why women kill
  • dead to me
  • squid game
  • never have I ever

♡‧₊   ended.

  • killing eve ♡ ↻
  • friends ♡ ↻
  • wandavision ♡ ↻
  • hawkeye ♡
  • santa clarita diet ♡ ↻
  • chilling adventutures of sabrina ↻
  • the office ♡ ↻
  • the haunting of bly manor ↻
  • the haunting of hill house ↻
  • crazy ex girlfriend
  • i am not okay with this
  • fleabag ♡ ↻
  • the end of the f***ing world
  • fuller house
  • the big bang theory ↻
  • how i met your mother ↻
  • orange is the new black
  • the last man on earth
  • red band society
  • a series of unfortunate events
  • according to jim
  • devious maids
  • castle
  • parks ands recreation ♡ ↻
  • desperate housewives ♡ ↻
  • full house
  • the IT crowd
  • crime scene: the vanishing at the cecil hotel
  • doctor foster
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